What is MSI Application Packaging ?

Installing an application on a desktop or a server is simple, easy and straightforward. It becomes a daunting task when it is repetitious and the range of the desktops and/or servers are in 100's, 1,000's or 10,000's units and are also geographically dispersed. It further complicates things when you want to customize the application to your specific business needs during the installation. Sneaker net (CD installation) approach is not the most efficient method. You need an automated mechanism to install (deploy) applications. Packaging an application provides this mechanism. Using the industry standard technology, Microsoft Windows Installer (with VBS Scripting where appropriate), we provide our clients with the ability to install the application consistently.

What are the benefits of MSI Application Packaging ?


Once an application is packaged, it incorporates all the specific business needs to install the application correctly hence every desktop or server would have the same settings or customization as required.


Deploying the packaged application via any of the deployment tools like Tivoli or SCCM allows the installation of the application by one-click of a mouse button throughout the organization that includes both local and remote locations.


Packaging allows the ability to deploying the application remotely to many desktop or server at the same time which allows the administrator to focus on other task.


Once an application is packaged, deploying the application saves time since it avoids physically visiting each desktop or server to install the application. The cost of the package compared to the return on investment has a inverse relationship when plotted over the xy-axis.