We specialize in Application Packaging and Software Development. We provide outstanding service and customized solutions to our clients with a dedication to professionalism, responsiveness and quality. Overall, we have more than a decade of packaging experience for Windows Server and Workstation, including MSI Packaging Experience via Adminstudio.


We have worked in the IT industry for 20+ years. By combining our expertise and experience, each client receives close, personal and professional attention. We work with you to deliver the service and attention that is needed. Our high standards and service are the difference between our outstanding performance and other individuals/firms. An example in the Products page speaks for us.


Our reputation reflects the high standards that we demand of ourselves. We pay attention to every detail which is reflected in the documentation that we have created to assist you in the future. We feel it is extremely important to continue to professionally educate ourselves and improve our technical expertise, computer knowledge and service our clients. We will answer all of your questions, as they impact you. You may contact us anytime.


We understand that SLA (Service Level Agreement) is an important factor. We are confident that we will exceed your expectations. One approach we have taken is created packages ahead of time. To view the requirement documents of an actual package that we have created, please visit the Actual Packages section of the Products page. In addition, we believe hiring the right candidate for the job is very important.


We understand that warranty, support and maintenance is an important part of customer satisfaction. A key factor in deciding which company to choose is the level of support provided once a product or service is furnished. We offer a variety of warranty and maintenance contracts. We will be happy to review the options based on your specific needs and requirements.